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Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Buccal Fat Removal is effective in reducing the size of side cheeks and sagging without bone surgery,
espescially for protruding side cheeks caused by fat on lower cheek to cheekbone area.
 Buccal Fat Removal is effective in reducing the size of side cheeks and sagging without bone surgery, 
espescially for protruding side cheeks caused by fat on lower cheek to cheekbone area.
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  • Cause of Old looking face
    What is buccal fat?

  • Buccal Fat

    Buccal fat is a fat pad located deep in the cheeks
    beneath the masticatory muscle (masseater muscle).
    Buccal fat pad is a different type of fat tissue as
    opposed to subcutaneous fat, located right under the skin.
    It is a lump of fat that is very viscous like liquid and
    it is positioned from the temple area to lower jawline.
  • Facial Contouring
    without bone shaving!

  • Benefits of buccal fat removal

    Are you interested in facial contouring but
    you don't want to cut your bones?
    Buccal fat removal surgery doesn't require 
    any bone shaving. Buccal fat removal is 
    a way to slim your chubby, round cheeks 
    that didn't go away by dieting.It is also
    effective for getting rid of"bulldog" cheeks.

Buccal fat removal is effectivefor the following cases

Patients do not need to worry about cheek indentation,
because at NANA Plastic Surgery, we only remove necessary amount of fat.

01 You are unhappy with having too much fat around your mouth or cheeks
02 You look older than your actual age due to sagging cheeks
03 You want a slimmer jawline
04 You're not happy with your facial structure
05 You have deep nasolabial folds due to sagging cheeks

NANA Plastic Surgery’s
Buccal fat removal surgery method


Inner mouth incision

About 0.5 ~ 1 cm length incision
is made inside of the mouth.


Removal of buccal fat

Excessive buccal fat is removed
through the incision area.


Auto-disposable stitches

Stitches are disposed
by itself with melting thread.

Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Overview


Approx. 30 mins


Local Anesthesia



Surgical drain





No downtime


Once or less

FAQ Answered by NANA Plastic Surgery

How long does it take
to recover from buccal fat surgery?

Recovery period varies from person to person, 
but most patients can restart their daily activities
on the next day after surgery. Facial cleansing is 
possible as well. Major swelling symptoms go away 
within a week or two after the surgery, but it takes
3 to 6 months for the swelling to completely subside.

Recovery treatments
after surgery

Recovery treatments
after surgery

Post-op recovery treatments are just as
important as the surgery itself.
NANA provides thorough and effective treatment solution
for our patients after facial contouring surgeries.

  • 01

    Facial steamer is used to remove dead skin. Soothing, cooling facial mask is applied, and the wound is dressed.

  • 02

    Deswelling facial mask and vitamin skin
    treatments are used to promote blood circulation

  • 03

    Deswelling injection and anti-inflammatory injections for deswelling

  • 04

    RF Laser and Heal-Lite treatments to speed up recovery

  • 05

    Deep cleansing skincare to remove dirt and dead skin piled on the surface of the skin after the surgery

  • 06

    Lymphatic massages for skin lifting and tightening

NANA Plastic Surgery’s Professional and Organized Surgery System

NANA Plastic Surgery’s Professional and Organized
Surgery System

Accurate analysis based on 3D – CT

By making a precise analysis with a 3D – CT before surgery,
we make an individual assessment on hard to see areas such as
facial bone structure, shape, muscles, soft tissue distribution, 
location of the nerves, etc. Then, based on this assessment,
our doctor designs the patient’s results.

Pre-op health examination

At NANA, safer surgery is expected due to cutting edge medical 
equipment system that is used to perform a health exam before surgery. 
Fifty different items, approved by the government, are checked during
the body exam. The results are analyzed by our doctor to make 
a final diagnosis.

Cooperative surgery with a well-trained, certified specialist

All surgeries are performed cooperatively with an expert doctor
who specializes in the according category. Hence, safety and 
satisfactory results are guaranteed at NANA Hospital. 
Our facial contouring surgeons who have years of clinical 
experience will be responsible for patient safety and satisfaction.

In-house anesthesiologist

Our doctors and nurses monitor patients’ condition with
cutting edge monitoring system. In-house anesthesiologists
assume full charge of patients individually and check on the
patients throughout the whole surgery process.

Recovery treatments after facial contouring surgeries

For most satisfying results, NANA Plastic Surgery provides 
all patients with total post-op recovery treatments. 
Deswelling treatments and other post-op recovery treatments are
available for faster recovery and faster deswelling. 

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