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NANA Doctors

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Hwang Dong Yeon (Chief M.D.)
· Present) NANA Plastic Surgery Chief Director
· Former) Chief Breast Surgery Center at ID Hospital
· Graduate, Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine
· Specialist, Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital
· Adjunct Professor, Catholic University of Korea, Plastic Surgery Depart.
Academic Career
· 2018 Accreditation Award for most Bellagel cases
· 2018 Speaker at Allergan Inspira AMI
· 2017 Published Published ‘Modified Dual Plane’ PRS thesis
· 2016 Held live ‘Endoscopic Breast Surgery’ symposium
· 2014 Speaker at the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
· 2013 Speaker at The Korea Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Congress


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