Reliable Quality Health Check up

We conduct a thorough examination with a total 50 types listed items on the national board of certification.

01. X-ray Test

01. X-ray Test

"Through a frontal, side, and panorama shot of the X-ray, we can help you identify the shape and form of your facial bone along with your teeth occlusion. We also check the growth plate between your finger joints to check and see if the plate is open or closed"

02. 3D-CT Test

02. 3D-CT Examination

"The shape and thickness of the facial bones as well as the location where the nerve line passes can be identified,
making it necessary to plan the surgery and to predict the post-operative appearance."

NANA Plastic Surgery comprehensive health examination process

NANA Plastic Surgery places the highest priority on patient's safety, not only considering the patient's physical condition before surgery, but also their condition during surgery and recovery after surgery.

  • 01

    Fill out a chart

    A chart is filled out to know the patient’s general information, physical condition,
    and medical history before consultation.
  • 02

    Consultation before examination

    Please consult with the medical staff before the examination .
  • 03

    Reserve examination date

    Make a reservation on your convenient date
    for a comprehensive medication examination before surgery.
  • 01


    When arrive at the hospital, check your
    reservation at front desk and please wait.
  • 02

    Change clothes

    Go to the changing room, take off your
    clothes except for underwear, and get changed into a prepared gown.
  • 03

    Comprehensive medical examination

    Starting from basic body measurements,
    radiography, etc. you will be introduced to 50 types of medical exams in order.
  • 01

    Receive test results

    Within a week, you will be informed
    the results of the examination, if problems are found, you will be proceeded with the related consultation.
  • 02

    Safe surgical preparation

    Prepare for safe operation, such as anesthesia
    drugs, medical equipment, and blood, according to the results of the individual general examination.