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Consultation & Reservation




165-8 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, HM Building 3rd~6th Floor

Direction by Naver Hours and Hospital Information



Consultation & Reservation




165-8 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, HM Building 3rd~6th Floor

Directions by Naver Hours and Hospital Information


Peronal Data Collection & Usage Terms

Nana Plastic Surgery wants to collect your personal information as below to provide customer consultation service.

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Name, Contact Number
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Telephone consultation about surgery and medical treatment in Nana Plastic Surgery
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Nana Plastic Surgery's
All-inclusive Surgery System
Amazing result with A-Z care!

Precise Pocket Creation
for Natural feeling

Creating implant pocket with precision is very important.
Nana Doctors create optimal medical pocket dissection
for the best feelings in the safest area.

Wrap Implant once again!
Get Firm Shape with Soft Feelings

One More Layer!
Dual Plane Plus method hold the implant in double layers
for firm, pretty shape keeping soft texture.

Pretty yet Natural Shape!
Love my cleavage~

Full HD Endoscope is used to dissect spaciously
to achieve cleavage as much as possible
while allowing natural movement and shape for your breasts.

Dual Plane

Top part of implant placed below chest muscle (subpectoral)
Bottom part placed below mammary gland (Sub-glandular).

Dual Plane Plus+

Top part placed below muscle (subpectoral), Bottom part subglandular, while also being covered with fascia to improve texture.

Full HD Endoscope

4K Quality Screen Full HD Endoscope is used
during operation to effectively minimize nerves,
tissue damages and internal bleeding which
prevent complications and offer you fast recovery.

  • Operation with utmost precision is possible from 4K HD Screening.
  • Minimal & precise dissection to avoid unnecessary tissue damage.
  • Smallest possible incision to minimize bleeding, pain and scar.
  • Safe and stable operation with nerve and tissue screening.
  • Maximum prevention of capsular contracture & other worries.

Minimal pain
after surgery


With FULL HD endoscopy and 4K Monitor
we even check the blood vessel nerves
during the surgery to minimize pain.

Minimal movement of
implants after surgery


Correction bra is used to minimize
movement by applying pressure to the
area and keeping the breasts in place.

Enhanced texture of
breasts after surgery


We use the Dual Plane plus method
where the implants are covered twice.
This method maximizes the feel of the breasts.

At NANA Plastic Surgery, we promise satisfying results

Minimal pain with cutting edge equipments!

Excellent texture with Dual Plane Plus method!

With years of experience, our Board Certified Breast Specialist supervises surgeries himself
to ensure satisfaction of all patients getting breast augmentation surgeries at NANA Plastic Surgery.

Guaranteed satisfactory results with ONE DAY breast surgery! Our Board Certified Breast Specialist who is proficient with years of experience supervises breast surgeries himself!

Awarded as the doctor with Most Peformed Surgeries with Bellagel Micro

Univerally recognized acadmic journal, PRS(Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)
published the Dual Plane Plus Method that is known for its enhanced texture after surgery which is the main method of surgery used by Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang.
Not limited to experiences using micro-texture type, Dr. Hwang has used teardrop shape, round shape, etc. in many different cases with a wide variety of patients.
With his passionate and professional attitude, he takes care of all his patients from start to finish.

Our skills are proven by real results!

NANA Plastic Surgery's
One Day Breast Surgery

Thorough Before and After Surgery Care

NANA Plastic Surgery's
Surgery Management System

At Nana Hospital. Examination, Operation and Recovery is possible in only ONE day under experienced medical staff with skills and knowledge
from various different breast surgery cases. Nana also offers effective, professional post - operation management system.

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    Full health examination

    Before surgery, we perform full body examination like general hospitals to check if patients are fit to get a surgery.

  • point.02

    Capsular contracture X

    NANA's special program prevents capsular contractures.

  • point.03

    Enhanced texture

    We use Heal-Lite laser, high frequency treatments, and other treatments to improve the feel of breast implants.

  • point.04

    No scars

    We treat even the smallest scars with professional dermatological treatments.