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개인정보 수집 및 이용에 대한 안내

나나 성형외과에서는 고객상담 서비스 제공을 위하여 귀하의 개인정보를 아래와 같이 수집하고자 합니다.

수집하는 개인정보 항목
이름, 연락처
수집 및 이용목적
나나성형외과에서 진행하는 수술 및 진료에 관한 전화상담
보유 및 이용기간
전화상담 목적의 종결시까지

Natural Adhesion Non-Incision Method

Keep it as a Secret!
Natural Results with
Natural Adhesion
Non-Incision Method

Natural Adhesion Method induces the natural adhesion beween muscles and skin to create a double eyelid.
Unlike conventional non-incision method, it removes a part of the tissue through a small incision with a needle hole of 5 ~ 7 parts and naturally creates a double eyelid line by inducing the adhesion between the skin and the open muscle.NANA Plastic Surgery considers individual eye condition and shape, including inline, outline, and in-out line shapes to match the overall proportions of one to create a more natural and clear set of eyes.
Natural Adhesion Non-Incision Method Surgery Information
  • Operation

    ± 15 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

    Local Anesthesia
    ( IV Sedation )
  • Admission

  • Stitch

  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Surgery
  • Treatment

Ideal Candidates for Natural Adhesion Non-Incision Method
  • 01

    Wants natural looking eyelids.

  • 02

    Feels uncomfortable
    with incision method.

  • 03

    Eyelid skin is
    thin and elastic.

  • 04

    Concerned about
    scar from incision.

  • 05

    Wants to quickly return back to
    daily activities.

NANA Natural Adhesion Non-Incision Method
  • Create a double eyelid line
    based on
    an individual’s preference
    and aesthetic ratio.

  • Minimum incision is made
    in areas 5 to 7
    along the design line.

  • Through a small incision,
    the muscles and some tissues
    under the skin are removed to
    induce adhesion naturally.

  • Through the skin and conjunctiva
    of the double eyelids, a thread
    is coninuously passed to
    make a double eyelid line.

  • Natural and clear looking
    double eyelid line is created.

Advantages of NANA Natural Adhesion Non-Incision Method
  • Scar Trouble NO !

    Minimal scarring.
  • Daily Activities Possibility !

    No stitches and
    daily activities are possible right after surgery.
  • Loose NO !

    Minimize loosening
    through natural adhesion and continuous non-incision method.
  • Immediately resume to daily activities !

    Short surgery time and
    fast recovery.

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