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that is customized for each individual
but also improve the nose functions.

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Short Nose

What is
Short Nose

This is an operation that is performed when the nose is short, the nose tip is lifted, and the nostril is visible. The most important cause of a short nose that can be seen upside down is that the nose, nasal septal cartilage, and nasal cartilage are small and deficiency and lack of nose tissue. Because overall, it is caused by lack of nose tissue, so the most important is to increase the number of tissues that are lacking. However, surgery to lower the septum and nasal cartilage is relatively effective, but there is a limit to the extent that the amount of skin tissue covering the top can increase, making it a difficult area among nose surgeries.
NANA Short Nose Surgery Method
  • 01

    If the nasal cartilage is large,
    cut some to reduce size.
  • 02

    When the skin is thick, the tissue under the nose tip will be removed
  • 03

    If the cartilage nose tip is width, it will be raised in the middle and ties it
Advantages of NANA Plastic Surgery Short Nose Surgery
  • 01

    Create a sturdy cartilage
    support structure for lowering the nasal cartilage

  • 02

    Peel cartilage,
    skin and soft tissues

  • 03

    Depending on the
    patient's condition,
    the nasal septum,
    ear cartilage,

  • 04

    In any process, excessive force is applied
    to the cartilage structure
    so that the nose is not bent

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