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Quick & Easy - MINI Liposuction

What is NANA's
Mini Liposuction ?

Mini Liposuction is a simple procedure provided for customers who want liposuction on smaller, partial areas (armpit only, instead of full arms) to get rid of stubborn fat on some areas. It's safe and effective, and little bruising or pain after surgery, with quick and easy recovery rate so it is possible to get back to daily activities immediately.
Mini Liposuction Surgery Information
  • Operation Time

    15~30 Minutes
    (Differences Based
    On Areas)
  • Anesthetic

    Part or
    Local Anesthesia
  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

    1 Week
  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Surgery
  • Treatment

    After Surgery
    1 Week
For Whom is Mini Liposuction is Recommended ?
  • Those who does not need a full body or full area liposuction

  • Those who do not feel ready for full body liposuction

  • Those who want a partial body shape correction & feel uncomfortable wearing compression garment

  • Those who do not have enough time for recovery and downtime

Features of NANA's Mini Liposuction
  • 01

    Possible to selectively remove fat
    only in a specific part of the body

  • 02

    Possible to reduce fat in areas that
    are difficult to be removed
    by exercise or diet

  • 03

    Achieve perfect body line

  • 04

    With 1 ~ 2mm micro incision can easily remove fat without worrying about scars

  • 05

    Fast recovery, short surgery time

Mini Liposuction, Applicable Part
Full Body Liposuction VS Mini Liposuction
Full Body Liposuction VS Mini Liposuction
Full Body Liposuction V S Mini Liposuction
All body parts (full body) Part Specific desired areas
Sleep anesthesia or General anesthesia Anesthesia Sleep anesthesia
About 2~3 hours Time Within 1 hour
about 7 days Recovery About 4~6 Hours
NANA's Systematic Liposuction process
  • InBody Comprehensive Examination

    InBody measurements are used to collect accurate body data and to analyze body components to plan three-dimensional surgery
  • Ultrasound Examination

    By using high-resolution ultrasound, the thickness and distribution state of subcutaneous fat layer are precisely grasped and thoroughly plan individual surgery plan
  • Minimal Incision

    Surgery is done without worrying about the scar through the small incision of 2~3mm which is invisible to each site.
    Arms : armpits or elbow folds
    Abdomen : pubic hair area or belly button
    Thighs : pubic hair area or hip folds
  • Minimize Tissue Damage

    Minimizes blood vessels and nerve tissue damage, helping to recover quickly after surgery and minimizing bruises and pain
  • Meticulous Liposuction

    The surface area under the skin is carefully sucked to minimize post-operative skin irritation and there is almost no unevenness on the skin
  • Personal Prescription Medication

    After surgery, nutritional counseling and custom diet medications will be prescribed specifically considering body shape and eating habits to create a beautiful body without sagging