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MAMA Tummy Tuck

Why NANA's
MAMA Tummy Tuck?

In case of increased skin and abdominal muscles due to pregnancy, childbirth, and rapid weight loss, there is a limit to simple liposuction. NANA's MAMA Tummy Tuck is the most definitive surgical procedure to cut the stretched skin and form the abdominal muscles with reduced elasticity by applying a surgical incision to the inside of the panty line along with the maximum liposuction of the waist line and upper abdomen. Daily activities are possible.
MAMA Tummy Tuck Surgery Information
  • Operation Time

    3 Hours
  • Anesthetic

  • Admission

    1 Day
  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

    Yes (Overnight)
  • Stitch

  • Daily Activities

    5~7 Days After Daily
    Activities Are Possible
  • Treatment

    After Surgery
    1 Week
Types of Tummy Tuck
Types of Tummy Tuck
Full Body Liposuction V S MAMA Tummy Tuck
Sleep or General Anesthesia Anesthetic Method General Anesthesia
Dropping skin is widespread across the abdomen. Surgery Part Dropping skin is restricted to the lower abdomen
7~10 Days Recovery Time 2~4 Days
Full abdominal correction is possible Advantages Abdominal correction is possible
For Whom MAMA Tummy Tuck is Recommended?
  • 01

    When pregnancy and childbirth cause severe stretch marks, skin sagging, and bulging stomach

  • 02

    The skin is sagging due to sudden weight loss

  • 03

    Want to improve the stretched uneven skin after liposuction

  • 04

    In case of limited recovery of elasticity through exercise

NANA's MAMA Tummy Tuck Know-How!
  • 1

    Improvement Of Stretch Marks

    Eliminates the stretch marks on the upper navel area and removes the maximum amount of stretch marks to restore the prenatal skin elasticity
  • 2

    Worry About Scarring NO!

    Sutures inside the panties to hide incisions invisibly, as well as minimizing scars that can remain after surgery by using medical adhesives
  • 3

    Abdominal Liposuction +
    Abs Collection

    As well as sucking the thick layers of the entire side and abdomen as much as possible, a pretty lower abdomen will be re-created with a line of side ribs that tightly stretched out in the middle of the abdomen
  • 4

    Quick Recovery Without
    Stitch Removal

    Special medical sutures is used for fast recovery times in less than 2 hours, as well as faster recovery times than conventional abdominal surgery
NANA's Systematic Liposuction Systems
  • InBody Comprehensive Examination

    InBody measurements are used to collect accurate body data and to analyze body components to plan three-dimensional surgery
  • Ultrasound Examination

    By using high-resolution ultrasound, the thickness and distribution state of subcutaneous fat layer are precisely grasped and thoroughly plan individual surgery plan
  • Minimize Tissue Damage

    Minimizes blood vessels and nerve tissue damage, helping to recover quickly after surgery and minimizing bruises and pain
  • Meticulous Liposuction

    The surface area under the skin is carefully sucked to minimize post-operative skin irritation and there is almost no evenness on the skin
  • Personal Prescription Medication

    After surgery, nutritional counseling and custom diet medications will be prescribed specifically considering body shape and eating habits to create a beautiful body without sagging