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NANA PRP Fat Grafting

High Engraftment Level OF Fat Graft
All Methods For
The Best Results

We look for all the ways that the transplanted fat can reach to the fullest so that not only the appearance but also the result can last as long as possible. In fat transplantation, we try to put each cell unit one by one, and we perform PRP and ADSC treatment at the same time in order to improve the skin with the additional engraftment level.
NANA PRP Fat Grafting Surgery Information
  • Operation Time

    1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

    Local Anesthesia
  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch Removal

    1 week (none facial)
  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Surgery
  • Treatment

    After Surgery
    1 Week
Differentiation of NANA Fat Grafting
  • 01

    Addition of ADSC to PRP

    It is different from normal PRP and ADSC Fat Grafting. NANA's Fat Grafting uses the method to increase the rate of engraftment. of adding PRP and ADSC for maximum effect.
  • 02

    Effects of PRP & ADSC on Skin Tone

    The high Fat Grafting acquisition rate provides a rich sense of face volume, as well as various skin improvements including PRP, improved (brigther and even) skin tone through ADSC, and pore reduction.
  • 03

    No Limit to High-Capacity Fat Grafting

    PRP and stem cells are combined to provide high post-operative satisfaction with high engraftment rates even in breast and hip-fat grafts, which showed low engraftment rates in general fat grafts.

NANA-PRP Fat Grafting's Thorough Pre-operative Examination

In order to produce the best results for the most suitable person, NANA checks whether the platelets are above a certain level through a pre-operation blood test and performs the surgery with different PRP extraction method according to the platelet count.
The amount of ABSC extracted depends on the fat quality and fat extraction method of your own ADSC. We will do our best to increase the number of ADSC through a Thorough Pre-operative Examination.
Possible Parts for NANA Fat Grafting
  • 1. Forehead

    If the shape of the forehead is lying back or the bone itself is uneven, it will look older and look more impressive. Through Fat Grafting, can create a forehead line with a smooth and natural profile.
  • 2. Sunken Upper Eyelids

    Due to constitutional or acquired reasons, eyelids may not have fat below the bones. This makes a strong impression and wrinkles around the eyes. Fat Grafting can create younger-looking eyes and elastic eyelids with fewer fine lines.
  • 3. Check (Side Cheek, Front Cheek)

    Without fat in the cheek, face looks lifeless and the contours of the bones will be revealed, giving a strong impression. Therefore, the goal is to feel young and healthy through Fat Grafting. In particular, the ball is the place where the injected fat is better absorbed, and is effective and lasts longer.
  • 4. Smile Line (Nasolabial Fold)

    Improving the wrinkles that connects from the nostrils to the ends of the mouth creating the look more natural and luxurious.
  • 5. Breast

    Basically, fat grafting in the chest area is limited for skin people. Becauyse they lose a lot of fat and the shape is hard to catch, but for people who have the proper volume, will get more satisfying results because almost no possibilities for spherical construction in creating natural touch or shape.
  • 6. Hand (Hand Fat Grafting)

    Even for people who have a younger appearance, there are many cases of aging in the hand area. Especially when the fingers are not fleshy or the blood vessels are seen to protrude, it is possible to get older and through fat grafting will make hands shine and will get a young and pretty volume feeling.
  • 7. Hip-up

    Nowadays, showing off one's figure is another attraction, and interest in hip-up such as back-tae and squash is increasing. Hip fat grafting gives the legs a long look with the elasticity of the hips.