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Personalized lifting will give you
satisfactory effects and natural beauty.

개인정보 수집 및 이용에 대한 안내

나나 성형외과에서는 고객상담 서비스 제공을 위하여 귀하의 개인정보를 아래와 같이 수집하고자 합니다.

수집하는 개인정보 항목
이름, 연락처
수집 및 이용목적
나나성형외과에서 진행하는 수술 및 진료에 관한 전화상담
보유 및 이용기간
전화상담 목적의 종결시까지

Ribbon Lifting

Not a thread.
It’s Ribbon Lifting.

Ribbon lifting pulls the sagging area using a special net shaped thread for tighter skin.
It complements the biggest weakness of general lifting threads as the special thread has mesh and barb form which together pulls the wrinkled skin tissues tightly for greatest effect. Satisfaction rates are higher compared to previous semi-permanent lift and other thread lift procedures as the effect can be seen within a short period. NANA Plastic Surgery uses ribbon thread approved by the Food and Drug Administration which are not harmful to insist safe procedure.
Special Features of NANA's Ribbon Lifting
  • 01

    Smile Line, Sagging Cheek,
    Buccal Fat, and Neck and Jawline Lifting at once

  • 02

    The lifting effect can be
    checked immediately after the procedure

  • 03

    With little swelling, daily activities are possible
    immediately after surgery

  • 04

    Strong lifting effects and
    improved deep wrinkles

  • 05

    Ensuring the most powerful
    and long-term retention period during the procedure process

  • 06

    Disposable treatment
    packages protect against the risk of infection

  • 07

    If another procedure is
    desired, possible to lift
    the previously inserted ribbon lifting once more.

NANA's Ribbon Thread Lifting's Special Thread
Who needs NANA's Ribbon Lifting ?
  • Not showing any effect of the existing thread
       lifting procedure
  • Sagging Cheek and Smile Line (Nasolabial Fold) are severe
  • Want long-lasting lifting effects
  • Do not want incision lift method but want a more
       effective method
  • If the previous incision is dropped again
NANA's Ribbon Lifting Surgical Procedure Area
Ribbon Lifting Surgery Information
  • Operation

    30 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

    Local Anesthesia
  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

    7 Days After
  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Surgery
  • Treatment

    1 Time
    (Stitch Removal)
Special Features of NANA's Lifting
  • 1:1 Personalized

    Depending on the thickness of the skin and the subcutaneous fat, the degree of sagging of the skin and SMAS varies for each individual. Dr. Kim Hyeong Jun's will create the perfect result considering individual different face type and skincharacteristics.
  • Dr. Kim Hyeong Jun's Unique Lifting Experience

    With over a hundred lifting operations and procedures for over 10 years, lifting Know-How has helped us to create lifting esults that are close to perfection.
  • Definite Diagnosis And Detailed Design

    Considering dozens of variables such as the degree of sagging of the skin and the mass layer, the amount of subcutaneous fat and deep fat, and the degree of sagging, a detailed diagnosis is made for the correct operation method for each individual to create a more positive effect.
  • V-line Without Bone Surgery

    Not have to be only through bone surgery to create V-Line face. Effective surgery for sagging creates a beautiful and effective V-line.