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Facial Skin Injection

no-one notices
as your skin gradually becomes younger

If you feel reluctant towards immediate and temporary voluming effects try sculptra that boosts natural skin power to create collagen to give you naturally filling up volume to return to your younger skin!

What is SCULPTRA ®?

SCULPTRA ®Aesthetic is an FDA approved PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic-Acid) injectable, a type of synthetic polymer which has its base extracted from fruits and boosts collagen creation in our skin. SCULPTRA ®, known as 'collagen filler', stimulates the creation of collagen in our body to rejuvenate, fill up the areas with volume loss and improve wrinkles. With Sculptra, it is possible to achieve extremely natural volume as your own which cannot be achieved from other average HA fillers or facial fat grafting. Sculptra can help return your skin's condition back to when you were younger so one can naturally gain the face condition of when they were younger within 3 to 6 months' time. It is very important to take into account that volume increase is gradual (3 - 6 months) unlike HA fillers when designing and performing the procedure on your face. NANA Hospital designs and performs to suit each patient by examining the face condition thoroughly for the best possible improvement. With Nana, you can achieve satisfying results safely with our doctors having years of experience with accute and great designing skills for your face.
Nana Hospital's Scupltra procedure is different!
  • 01
    Natural Volume

    You can achieve the most
    natural volumeand plump texture
    that cannot be achieved by
    fat grafting with SCULPTRA ®.

  • 02

    Our doctors predicts the shape of volume 3 months post procedure
    to give you the most satisfying
    results without disappointment.

  • 03
    Reasonable Cost

    We only suggest the amount
    exactly up to how much one needs
    for optimal results.

  • 04
    Procedure by Specialist Doctor

    Sculptra is a simple procedure
    but not easy. It requires the
    doctor to be precise and have a lot of knowledge, skills and experience like Nana's.

Nana Hospital's Area of Procedure
Facial Filler Procedure Information
  • Procedure

    10 ~20 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

  • Admission

  • Results

    Shown 1 - 3 months
  • Lasting Period

    2 - 3 Years
  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Procedure
  • Treatment