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AquaPeel has three levels of special solution to get rid of sebum, blackheads, whiteheads and wastes in pores, and at the same time, it significantly reduces hair follicles that eat sebum and wastes, improving skin texture, whitening effect, acne removal, sebum removal, and moisture. This is a new concept peeling procedure that can help supply healthy expectant skin.
  • 01


    Moisturizing the skin
    improves elasticity and creates an anti aging effect
    that makes the skin look healthier and more hydrated.
  • 02

    Dead skin cell and sebum removal

    Removing accumulated dead skin cells and sebum etc.
    supports acne treatment.

  • 03

    Blackheads, whiteheads

    Deep cleansing of the pores
    to achieve clearer skin.

  • 04

    Elimination of Demodex

    Eliminating sebum-eating demodex
    can help in preventing acne and improve
    the overall condition of the skin.

NANA PLASTIC SURGERY Aquapeel Treatment Process
  • Makeup removal
    before the treatment
  • Gentle cleansing of
    body waste such as
    sebum and dead skin cells
  • Gentle removal of
    causes of body waste
    and demodex
  • Providing moisture
    and nutrition
    to treat dull skin
About Aquapeel
  • Q. Where on the face are the most demodex?

    A. Usually on the nose and around the border between the nose and the cheek.
  • Q. How often do I have to get the treatment?

    A. As Aquapeel is a light peeling treatment, it’s better not to get it done more than 2-3 times
    a week. Even better results can be achieved if it is performed in combination with a
    beauty laser treatment. The solution might irritate the skin so it’s best to talk about
    details with a certified consultant.
  • Q. Will I need any downtime or feel pain after the treatment?

    A. Redness disappears in under five minutes after the treatment so there is no need for
    any downtime and makeup can be put on right away. Also, since no anaesthetic ointment
    needs to be used, there is little to no pain.
  • Q. Do all the demodex disappear after one treatment?

    A. No, but the amount of demodex will be lower in comparison to someone who has never
    received any treatment. The main goal of Aquapeel is not to completely eradicate demodex,
    but rather to decrease their amount and to remove their eggs, their excrement, makeup
    residue, and sebum to slow down their reproduction and clear out the pores.
  • Q. Can I put on makeup or wash my face in the evening?

    A. You can put on makeup and wash your face. However,
    if you get the treatment done in the evening, it is better to wash your face the next morning
    (As your face is already clean, you don't need to wash it afterwards).