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Derma Stamp MGF

Derma Stamp MGF

Derma Stamp is a stamp-shaped medical device with 140 microneedles attached to a painted handle. The microneedle reduces damage to the epidermis and gives direct irritation to the dermis. Dermal layer stimulation induces collagen regeneration and delivers growth factors to aid regeneration.
NANA PLASTIC SURGERY Advantages of Derma Stamp MGF
  • 01

    The diameter of the Derma Stamp’s
    needles is 0.3mm and therefore will not
    leave any marks or affect the daily life.

  • 02

    The day after the procedure,
    makeup can be put on and the face can be washed again

  • 03

    The recovery period is short,
    and in comparison to other procedures
    there is less redness, dryness
    or uncomfortableness.

NANA PLASTIC SURGERY Specialties of Derma Stamp MGF
  • 01

    Skin regeneration /Wound healing

  • 02

    Treatment and prevention of acne scars

  • 03

    Improving the moisture of the skin

  • 04

    Treatment of burn scars /bad scarring

  • 05

    Pore tightening /Prevention of skin aging

  • 06

    Improving skin elasticity /Treatment of fine wrinkles

  • 07

    Treatment of goose bumps /stretch marks /hot flashes

  • 08

    Treatment for freckles/brightening effect

NANA PLASTIC SURGERY When to consider Derma Stamp MGF
  • When you want to treat active pimples
  • When you have wide pores and want to tighten them
  • When you want to treat pimple, burn, or other scars
  • When you want to treat thickening scars (Keloid)
  • When you didn't see any effect after treatment with conventional lasers
  • When you want to treat wrinkles and aging skin, and want to see a rejuvenating and lifting effect
  • When you need treatment for hair loss