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Specialized lifting to improve sagging skin and faceline – choosing the suitable method for the cond
2019-07-17 15:51:15

Living in the era where people now live up to 100 years old – anti-aging procedures have taken a big trend among the middle aged. Increasing people seek for lifting procedures to look younger due to this trend. Having more deep wrinkles that makes one look older than others within the same age range can make one seem lazy and careless about self-care.

To get rid of deep wrinkles one can try using expensive nutritional face cream but it is not easy to get rid of them. Face lifting can come to aid in this case, giving different solutions to different types and conditions of the wrinkles for different people – giving them tight and smooth face and skin free from sagging and wrinkles.

For skin that has lack of elasticity with sagging and deep nasolabial folds, SMAS face lift can be the best solution. Due to aging, the skin naturally lose elasticity and the strength of ligaments loosens and extra space forms inside the skin. If you remove the SMAS inside the aged skin and pull the layer up to fix it, you will have lasting effect of young and firm skin. However, when performed in a wrong way it can leave a lot of scars and have less lifting effect so it is vital to find a doctor who is skilled and experienced in SMAS lifting.

In case of wrinkles on the forehead and between the brows with brow line falling much onto the eyes, endoscope brow lift can improve the problems. In case of endoscope brow lift procedure, lifting effect is maximized when the periosteum in the forehead is removed but there is a high risk of damage in the nerve tissues so endoscope surgery is necessary for safety.

As one ages, the upper eyelids start sagging and one can get under – eye fat and wrinkles. It is also recommended to consider blepharoplasty that can also be done with endoscope brow lift. If you have hollow under eye with dark circles which make you look tired, lower blepharoplasty is needed.

The speed of aging process can be different for each individual, therefore it is important to decide on procedures according to one’s skin condition, age group, state of wrinkles and so on. Individuals over middle age can feel repulsive and nervous towards plastic surgery so it is recommended to suggest a procedure that can give maximum lifting effect minimizing scars that matches the needs of each individual.


Medical Advice : Dr. Kim, Hyung Jun

Written by : Hyosun Kim