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165-8 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, HM Building 3rd~6th Floor

Direction by Naver Hours and Hospital Information



Consultation & Reservation




165-8 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, HM Building 3rd~6th Floor

Directions by Naver Hours and Hospital Information


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Real Outcome
BellaGel Breast Surgery

BellaGel is a product of ergonomic technology developed in Micro Textured Type for a more natural look and feel. It is configured to move naturally according to the movement and posture of the human body, and the silhouette similar to the real chest, as well as improved viscosity, to provide a smoother feel.

Strict Manufacturing Process
To Pursue Customer Value

BellaGel Micro is manufactured through production process control and quality testing according to International Guidelines.
(ISO 14607, ASTM F703, FDA Guidance)
BellaGel Surgery Information
  • Operation

    1 Hour
  • Anesthetic

    General Anesthesia
  • Admission

  • Blood
    Drainage Bag

  • Stitch

  • Daily Activities

    Possible Immediately
    After Surgery
  • Treatment

    1 Week
    After Surgery
Special Features of BellaGel
Feel free to experience the Elastic, Soft, and Natural Silhouette BellaGel.
  • 01

    BellaGel Texture

    The surface of BellaGel, which is more detailed than the existing texture-type implants, is made with advanced texturing techniques. Human-friendly surfaces provide natural adhesion with tissue, minimizing the probability of spherical build-up after surgery.
  • 02

    BellaGel Micro Gel

    BellaGel uses Cohesive Silicone Gel as its raw material for high coagulation. Cohesive Silicone Gel has high viscoelasticity, so it is easy to insert the implant during surgery and soft texture after surgery can be expected.
  • 03

    BellaGel Size

    BellaGel, which was created by studying the physical characteristics of Korean and Asian women, was designed to be more suitable for the patient's body type by having various specifications according to the projection.
  • 04

    BellaGel Safety

    The Shell of BellaGel Micro is composed of 5 layers, and the barrier layer is formed inside the shell to effectively prevent the gel leakage due to rupture.
  • 05

    BellaGel Warranty

    BellaGel offers a Warranty program for patients who have been treated with a BellaGel implant to make safe choice for both medical staff and patients. * Details can be confirmed through a consultation with the Doctor.
  • 06

    BellaGel Trust

    Bellagel is made from Cohesive Silicone Gel and is approved for sale by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). Comply with strict international guidelines, and only produce products that pass more than 20 mechanical tests, including burst tests, fatigue tests, and tensile tests,
    is a priority for patient safety.
Design An Implant
Micro Surface of Advanced Texturing Technique Considering Human Body Affinity
What makes NANA Breast Surgery Special ?
  • 1

    Dr. Hwang Dong Yeon published a surgical method paper
    Know-How PRS

    Dual Plane Plus has been registered in the world's prestigious journal, published in a paper on its technical Know-How to improve the breast texture.
  • 2

    More than 3,000
    Breast Surgery Cases

    Dr. Hwang Dong Yeon has experience in about 3,000 cases of chest surgery (as of June 2018), using micro-texture type as well as water droplets, rounds and many other implements.
  • 3

    Presentation of
    Various Academic Conferences and
    lecturer of implant company
    as Key Doctor

    In order to provide various experience and Know-How about breast molding, we are invited to domestic and overseas academic conferences and implant manufacturers and regular lectures are being held as key doctor.
  • 4

    Using 4K screen
    with Full HD Endoscope

    Now, with the 4K screen, we can examine all the finer nerves and tiny blood vessels that we have not seen before, and dramatically reduced bleeding and pain. A gauze less than one sheet of bleeding is rarely used, and there is no compression bandage after surgery.
NANA Complete Care System from Before to After Surgery
  • Pre-Operation Examination

    To ensure that all patients undergo surgery safely, we conduct professional and comprehensive examinations at university-hospital level. In particular, it is possible to diagnose chest conditions thoroughly by examining breast health prior to surgery.
  • Spherical Construction Zero Program

    NANA Plastic Surgery is running the old-style zeroing program to prevent the formation of the spherical shape during breast surgery and to achieve the feel of the actual breast texture.
  • Scar Zero Program

    We have a 1: 1 customized care system from consultation to surgery. Dermatologist's professional scar treatment program cleans up even small scars.
  • Soft Texture Program

    Various programs to improve texture, such as high frequency and heel light, can shorten the recovery period and bring out the best surgical results.