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Lateral Canthopexy

What is Lateral Canthopexy ?

You'll get maximum effects of lateral canthoplasty as desired, and also adjustment of outer corner angle.
Lateral Canthopexy surgery is a specialized NANA outer corner surgery that can adjust the angle of the outer corner at the same time as the Lateral Canthoplasty and fix it on the periosteal, thereby changing the shape of the outer while extending the length of the eye to the maximum extent. In addition to having the effect of normal canthoplasty, and it gives a soft impression by going to the outer corner.
Lateral Canthopexy Surgery Infomation
  • Operation

    30 Minutes
  • Anesthetic

    Local Anesthesia
    ( IV Sedation )
  • Admission

  • Stitch

    7 Days After
  • Daily Activities

    3 - 5 Days After
    Daily Activities Are Possible
  • Treatment

    1 Time
Ideal Candidates for Lateral Canthopexy
  • 01

    Width of your eye is short and
    the outer corner is raised.

  • 02

    Concerned with reattachment
    Lateral Canthoplasty procedure.

  • 03

    Simple Lateral Canthoplasty
    procedure does not work.

  • 04

    Want to change the shape
    of outer corner.

  • 05

    Want eyes
    look longer.

NANA Lateral Canthopexy Surgery Method
  • Designed for maximum Lateral
    Canthoplasty and outer corner
    angle adjustment between
    outer corner and outer orbital

  • Cut out the outer corner and
    remove excess skin and tissue.

  • Lateral Canthopexy area is
    delicately peeled to expose
    the lateral orbital fascia.

  • Fix the outer corner part
    of the test strip to the exposed
    periosteum, and carefully
    adjust the angle and length
    of the outer corner.

  • Suture the conjunctiva and
    skin of the outer corner.

Advantages of NANA Lateral Canthopexy
  • Minimal scarring.

  • The angle can be adjusted
    according to individual eyes.

  • Natural eyes
    that match the ratio.

  • Almost no side effects.

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